Coleman Performance Gas Cartridge

Coleman Performance Gas Cartridge

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Coleman Performance Gas Disposable cartridges to fit a wide range of portable appliances. Coleman Performance Gas is ideal for winter use, giving better performance at lower temperatures.

The Coleman Performance gas cartridge features an advanced mix of high-performance gases - butane/propane mix and advanced technology, created for use in more extreme conditions - providing a steady and consistent burn across a wide range of temperatures. The cartridge is ideal for the more adventurous trekker or explorer offering fast and reliable boil times at colder temperatures.

The Cartridge uses the standard EN417 Threaded Connection. This is used on the majority of Portable gas appliances from Coleman, Jetboil, MSR and many other manufacturers. For safety the cartridge can be disconnected and reconnected to your appliance in complete safety without leaks.


  • Lightweight energy with a resealable connection
  • Size: Ø105 x 90mm (C300), Ø105 x 160mm (C500)
  • Weight total: 361g (C300), 598g (C500)
  • Weight gas:  240g (C300), 440g (C500)
  • EN417 threaded connection