National Luna Clip-on LED Light
National Luna Clip-on LED Light
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National Luna Clip-on LED Light

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The National Luna Clip On Dual Power Lights has brought high-performance LED technology to your campsite with an assortment of low-voltage, compact, energy-saving light fixtures.
This type of lighting incorporates 9 LED’s that are protected by built-in constant power regulator circuits and supported by a high-strength and effective enclosure. This 9 LED light offers 2-n-1 setting, where you can select between low or high power mode. "Dim" for ambient light and a full-output "Bright" useful for wide-area lighting.
A Clip-on lead offers the option to quickly attach lights to a pole, whether tent, awning or your vehicle, for a practical application. 
  • 10Vdc – 15Vdc operation
  • 200 x 30 x 16mm
  • 62 Lumens (Dim)
  • 176 Lumens (Bright)
  • Comes with crocodile clips to connect directly to your battery.

Safe, Natural Light

These lights provide a natural white light similar to daylight without any ultra-violet or infra-red emission, making them safe and pleasant to use

Ultimate Energy Saving

The combination of high quality LED’s and a high efficiency regulator circuit provides the best light output at the lowest power consumption. When other lights start to fade, these lights keep going for longer.


A specially designed anti-glare texture combined with high-clarity polycarbonate reduces glare. Also eliminates UV emission and improves light distribution. The increase in light spread prevents eye fatigue

Wide Operating Conditions

Efficient power regulation ensures constant light output throughout the full voltage range, resulting in cool operation and extended product life.

Quality Construction

All models use high-quality LED’s and electronic components as well as metal circuit boards for durable, trouble-free operation. Ultra-power models are assembled with an aluminium base for low temperature, long-term operation.

Electrical Protection

This light is protected against abnormal electrical conditions such as reverse polarity, short-circuits and surges common in electrical circuits. (Correct polarity is required for operation.)